To have close collaboration with our worldwide customers, partners and colleagues.To optimum efficiency and ensure that every consignment of our customers is dealt with using the most comprehensive, flexible, one-stop and hassle-free logistics solution.To evaluate our operating processes frequently; be innovative to stay in the forefront and go along with new challenges of our industry. To support and encourage our staff to roll in the social services and charitable issues, so through these kinds of social activities to foster the values of teamwork and excellence among staff.  



Since its founding in 1984, Air-City Group has set its goal to become one of the best regional transportation and logistics service providers.  Difference from other industry players, we have started to explore China in late 80s and started to invest and set up our operations in early 90s, while other players were still struggling for the China market.  At the same time, we were developing our global network with strategic partnership and time-test professional agents worldwide.  Agents within the network have been carefully selected to ensure service integrity is consistently maintained throughout our global network.

Now, we have 11 self-managed offices covering Hong Kong,, Tianjin, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Ningbo,  with over 250 employees.



Organization Chart


We have over 250 staffs working in our 11 offices in China. Air-City Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong plays a very important role of management, supervisions & co-ordination of our China offices.